3. dec. 2009

Mads Matthiesen

ArtCast has been casting for Mads since 2005 and his short film 'MUM'. Mads' films move in the space between reality and fiction, amateurs and actors; the arena where everyday dramas unfold. His characters tend to be vulnerable, struggling to navigate the particular circumstances of their relationships. Our casting has accordingly attempted to ensure that the characters strike the right emotional chords; that they remain both sympathetic and intriguing.
Here's a couple of other films he has made.

'Cathrine' - A 16 year old falls in love with a 33 year old man she met in a shopping center, much to her parents displeasure. 'Cathrine' Won a Robert for Best Short Film in 2009

'Dennis' - A lonely bodybuilder, who at an age of 40 still lives at home with his dominating mother. The film revolves around Dennis' struggle for freedom. 'Dennis' was selected for the 2007 Sundance Film Festival.

Mads and artCast are currently working on a secret project. As things develop we'll let you in on it. But you'll have to wait. For now.


2. dec. 2009

Imogen by Chadwick Tyler

A beautiful set of pictures by Chadwick Tyler of the model Imogen Morris Clarke. Dark and tempting. Wonderfully moving.

Found here

1. dec. 2009

Land of Talk - "It's Okay"

A beautiful video created by WeWereMonkeys for Land of Talk. It's mysterious, calming, romantic and sad. A seasonal audio/visual treat.