5. jan. 2010

Beck & Charlotte Gainsboug - 'Heaven Can Wait'

Becks latest video is a montage of absurd and unrelated scenes apparently lifted by the director from found images on the internet. Which is brilliant except I can't really make sense of it and whilst that might be the point I find it irritating because maybe it's trying a little hard to be weird for its own sake. But I guess because it really is so weird and fun to watch then that makes it ok... Argh. I can't make my mind up.

Emily Valentine uses dead animals for her art.

They are perplexing and fascinating, beautiful and outrageous. Emily Valentine uses roadkill, dead pets and feathers from a pest bird, the Indian Mynah Bird, to mythological creatures, hybrid animals or chimeras, that I only wish exist. Though flying dogs would probably be a nightmarish reality.

She says, "In my work I wish to discuss how attitudes to wearing animals and birds parts have changed. Is this just because of fashion, or has society become more caring of animals? I wish to stimulate the viewer with the uncomfortable nature of the feather, to question our callousness treatment of animals and birds, and ask how we sub-consciously classify animals – pet or pest, valued or worthless, beautiful or plain and why."

click the pic for her website.

4. jan. 2010

For the ladies.

This dating video is a real treat for all those lonely ladies this winter. Why bother going to your local slum bar to find that special someone to curl up next to when you can select one from this fine dating video. Some real fine male specimens.